IBPS AFO Mains Question Paper 2020 | Download PDF

IBPS AFO Mains Question Paper 2020 
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IBPS AFO Mains Question Paper 2020

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Q.1 What is the Botanical name of pomegranate?
Answer- Punica granatum

Q.2 In which state of India has the highest forest area?
Answer-Madhya Pradesh

Q.3 What is the Average Gestation period of buffalo?
Answer-310 ± 5 days

Q.4 A female pig that does not give birth to individuals is called as?

Q.5  Which is the Propagation method used for the propagation of “Banana crop”?
Answer-Sword suckers

Q.6 What is isolation required for foundation seed production of okra?

Q.7  Mating in sheep is called?

Q.8 Landholding of small scale farmers?
Answer-1-2 hac

Q.9 Bt cotton protect of the cotton crop from which insect?

Q.10 Vertisoil is the highest found in which state?
Answer-Madhya Pradesh

Q.11 New leaf of plant show yellow symptoms and veins remain green is caused by the deficiency of which nutrient?

Q.12 Illuviation process is related to which horizon?
Answer-B Horizon

Q.13 Choose macronutrient among these options? Cu/Mo/K/Mn/Fe

Q.14 Golden revolution is related to?

Q.15 Blue tag is related to which type of seed?
Answer-Certified seed

Q.16 Germination percentage of wheat?

Q.17 Symbiosis nitrogen fixation is related to which organism?

Q.18 What is the Feed Conversion Ratio (FCR) of standard broiler chicken reared in an enclosed house?


Q.19 Study of gardening Tree to make shade and shape is called?

Q.20 Soil strength is measured by which instrument?/

Q.21 Hormone is responsible for the milk let down?

Q.22 Ley farming is refers?
Answer-Grow of grass

Q.23 The technique which reduce soil erosion, evaporation, kinetic energy impact of rain drops is known as?

Q.24 Vaccine for Ranikhet disease in poultry?

Q.25 Online Electronic trading of agricultural commodities through which platform?

Q. 26 Which is not a bacterial disease?Coccidiosis/Aacillus /Anthrax/Septicemia/FMD

Q. 27 What is that place which is used for feeding of lamb, calves and piglet but not used for adults is known as?

Q.28 Which is Tropical fruit?Papaya/Apple/Pineapple/Allobukhara/pear

Q.29 Which oil cake is used in fish pond to kill predatory insects?

Q.30 Vaccination for Foot & mouth disease in sheep is given How many months once?
Answer-6 month

Q.31 Aphid is vector for which disease of tobacco?
Answer-Cucumber Mosaic Virus

Q.32 Which sex trap is used to trap male insect?
Answer-Pheromone Trap

Q.33 which sheep breed of north west India known for best quality white wool?

Q.34 Guava pest which deposit eggs on soft skin of ripening fruit, on hatching maggot bore into fruit and feed on the soft pulp , the infested show depressions with dark green punchure and when cut opens the maggots are visible and finally fruit rot and fall?
Answer-Fruit fly

Q.35 Soil moisture decreased to wilting point water held tightly by soil particles condition is called?
Answer-Hygroscopic coefficient

Q.36 which of the following disease of rose grayish white powdery patches are seen on the tender leaves and flower buds , mature leaves get malformed and flower bud fail to open and plant present wilted appearance?
Answer-Powdery mildew

Q.37 Which medicinal plant is known as laxative medicinal plant?

Q.38 In which planting system 4 plants are planted in a square in which plant to plant and grow to grow distance is same and plants are planted to right angle to each other?

Q.39 Which are the diagnostic symptoms of sorghum shoot fly?
Answer-Larvae cut growing point and cause dead heart
Q.40 Crown cleaning is retailed to?
Q.41 Grape training system where they are connected with each other?
Q.42 What is pulsing?
Answer-post harvesting
Q.43 Highest lactation period of which breed of goat?
Q.44 Finger-like Structure is formed in which erosion?
Answer-Rill Erosion
Q.45 White Muscardine Disease related to?
Q.46 Vaccine is given to sheep at an interval of?
Answer-6 month
Q.47 Sodium deficiency in animal/cow symptoms and causes what?
Answer-Dehydration and fluid reduction
Q.48 In which grafting rootstock debarred 45 cm from ground level two slopes cut given and wedge is made tongue shape scion inserted?
Answer-Wedge grafting
Q.49 Mating of Wider degree range of relationship not close to one another and result in uniformity is?
Answer-Out breeding
Q.50 Which institution is established to provide vocational training to farmers and field level extension workers?
Q. 51 Type of silkworm that breed only one time in a year?
Answer-Univolatine strain
Q. 52 Which is an irregular variety of mango?Amrapali/Kesar/Neelam/Totapari/Himsagar
Q. 53 NRLM scheme Now Known as?
Q. 54 Milk is which type of emulsion?
Answer-Oil in water
Q.55 Which fungus role in biological control agent in cotton boll-worm?/
Answer-Beauveria bassiana
Q.56 Which of the following sentence is wrong about honeybees?
Answer-Swarming is their natural method of propagation
Q.57 A zone within the earth that restricts the flow of groundwater from one aquifer to another?

Q.58 Removal of male flowers in banana after completion of the female phase?

Q.59 Lay farming is related to?

Answer-Leguminous pasture with grain crops

Q. 60 Regrowth of crop from stubble is known as?


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