Full List of Revolutions in Agricultural & Allied Fields | Agriculture Notes

Revolutions in Agriculture and Allied 

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Black revolution: Biofuel (Jatropha) production

Blue revolution: Fish production

Brown revolution: Non-conventional energy source

Evergreen revolution: Reduction in wastage of food grains, fruits, 
and vegetables

Food chain revolution: Foodgrain production

Golden Fiber Revolution: Jute Production

Golden revolution: Fruit production (apple)

Green revolution: Foodgrain production

Grey revolution: Manures and Fertilizers

Parbhani revolution: Okra

Pink revolution: Prawn production

Protein Revolution: Higher Production 
(Technology-driven 2ndGreen revolution).

Rainbow revolution: Overall development of the agriculture
sector (1996)

Red revolution: Meat/Tomato production

Round revolution: Potato production

Silver Fiber Revolution: Cotton

Silver revolution: Egg production/Poultry

White revolution: Milk production

Yellow revolution: Oilseeds production

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