Fathers of various Agricultural & Allied Related Fields

Fathers of different Agricultural & Allied  
Related  Disciplines 

      List of Fathers of Various Fields Related to Biological and Agricultural fields

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  1. Father of Agronomy: Pietro Decrescenzi
  2. Father of  Agro climatology: Koppen
  3. Father of Agrometeorology: D. N. Walia
  4. Father of  Agricultural chemistry: Justus von Liebig
  5. Father of  Antibiotics: Alexander Fleming
  6. Father of ATP cycle: Lipmann
  7. Father of Biology: Aristotle
  8. Father of Botany: Theophrastus
  9. Father of Bacteriology: Leuwenhoek
  10. Father of Biochemistry: Justus von Liebig
  11. Father of Crop rotation: Norfork (1730)
  12. Father of Cytology: Robert Hooke
  13. Father of Cytoplasmic inheritance: Carl Correns
  14. Father of Cooperative movement in India: F. Nicholson
  15. Father of DNA finger printing technique: Alec Jeffrey
  16. Father of Economic ecology: M.S.Swaminathan
  17. Father of Ecology: Reiter
  18. Father of Extension education: A. Seaman and Knapp (in USA) and Leagans (in India)
  19. Father of Experimental genetics: Thomas Hunt Morgan
  20. Father of Forest pathology: Robert Haring
  21. Father of Fermentation: Louis Pasteur
  22. Father of Field plot experiment: J. B. Boussingault
  23. Father of Fruit and vegetable preservation: M. Nicholas Apart
  24. Father of Genetics: Gregor Johann Mendel
  25. Father of Genetic engineering: Paul Berg
  26. Father of Green revolution: Dr. N. E. Borlaug
  27. Father of Green revolution in India: M.S.Swaminathan
  28. Father of Golden revolution in India: Dr. K.C. Chadha
  29. Father of Golden rice: Dr. Ingo Potrykus
  30. Father of Hybrid rice: Yuan Long Ping
  31. Father of Hybrid cotton: C.T. Patel
  32. Father of Indian plant pathology: E.J. Butler
  33. Father of Indian Rust: Dr. K.C. Mehta
  34. Father of Indian Mycology: E.J. Butler
  35. Father of Indian Ecology: R. Mishra
  36. Father of Indian Plant Breeding: Dr. B.P. Pal
  37. Father of Indian Remote Sensing: Dr. P.R. Pishroty
  38. Father of Immunology: Edward Jenner
  39. Father of Microbiology: A.V. Leuwenhoek
  40. Father of Mycology: Pler A. Micheli
  41. Father of Medicinal Bacteriology: Robert Koch
  42. Father of Modern Genetics: T.H. Morgan
  43. Father of Mutation Theory: Hugo de vries
  44. Father of Modern Botany: Linnaeus/Bauchin
  45. Father of Modern Cytology: Swanson
  46. Father of Nematology: N.A. Cobb
  47. Father of Nitrogen Fixation: Winogradsky
  48. Father of Ornamental Gardening: M. S. Randhawa
  49. Father of Plant Pathology: Anton De Bary
  50. Father of Plant Physiology: Stephen Hales
  51. Father of Pedology: Vasily Vasil’evich Dokuchaev
  52. Father of Parasitology: F. Platter
  53. Father of Plant Tissue Culture: G. Haberlandt
  54. Father of Plant Anatomy: Grew
  55. Father of Polygenic Inheritance: Kolreuter
  56. Father of Pure Culture Technique: Oscar Brefeld
  57. Father of Sociology: Auguste compte
  58. Father of Statistics: R.A. Fisher
  59. Father of Soil Conservation: H.H. Bennett
  60. Father of Soil Science:  Vasily Vasil’evich  Dokuchalev
  61. Father of Soil Microbiology: S.N. Winogradsky
  62. Father of Soil Testing Technique: M.L. Troug
  63. Father of Super Rice: Dr. G.H. Khush
  64. Father of Taxonomy: Carolus Linnaeus
  65. Father of Tillage and Weeds: Jethro Tull
  66. Father of White Revolution: Dr. Varghese Kurien
  67. Father of Zoology: Aristotle
  68. Father of Hybrid Rice in India: E.A. Siddiqe

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